Malik Whiter’s In Labor Selfie Of Teacher Is Totally Adorably Bratty

Have you seen Malik Whiter’s “teacher in labor” selfie making the internet rounds?

If you haven’t, it involves the student — Malik Whiter, 17 — and a teacher who appears to be in labor. In the foreground, Whiter grins broadly as if amused by the situation, while the teacher in the background grimaces in apparent pain, clutching her midsection with a phone to her ear.

It sounds annoying. But it’s actually kind of adorable, in such a way that we know Malik isn’t coming home to our house and leaving his sneakers right in the middle of the kitchen. You know, someone else’s kid being irritatingly kind of cute.

The teacher, Susana Halleck, indeed believed she might be going into labor at the time Whiter snapped the selfie and posted it to Twitter. Someone tweeted back asking if the teacher was actually in labor, to which Malik responded “yeesss lmfao.”

LMFAO. That poor teacher.

A Miami New Times blog opines:

“Malik Whiter’s photo, which was retweeted internationally, is extraordinary in its simultaneous capturing of joy and misery. But is it cruel? At least one person yesterday questioned the student’s integrity for sharing the photo, although the vast majority of Twitterers are hailing it as a classic of the selfie genre.”

The image, which has more than 25,000 retweets, was tweeted by Malik thusly:

As a mom, sure, Malik Whiter’s tweet of his in labor teacher is kind of the thing that makes teenagers so frustratingly teenager like. (After all, science proves teenagers are bratty monsters incapable of empathy or reason. Boys more so.)

However, as an internet user, Whiter’s teacher in labor selfie indeed cracked us up, and something about the juxtaposition of his amused glee and her despair is so detachedly funny. So we have to give Malik a pass.