‘Cars 3’ Is In The Works At Pixar [Rumor]

According to someone close to the production, Cars 3 is in the works at Pixar. However, no one from the production company or Disney has confirmed the rumor as of this writing.

If Disney and Pixar didn’t release any information about the project, then who spilled the cinematic beans? According to Worst Previews, Route 66: The Mother Road author Michael Wallis reportedly confirmed the sequel during a recent radio interview.

“‘Cars 3,’ we’re coming back to the road. And we’re coming back to 66 into 99. That’s the road that runs right through Central California,” the writer explained.

Since none of this information comes directly from the folks at Disney or Pixar, it’s best to approach this particular rumor with extreme caution. As Screen Crush points out, it’s probably not too wise to bank on any information that comes from a creative consultant. No offense to Wallis, of course.

Although Pixar has a few release dates tentatively outlined for 2017 and 2018, there’s a very strong possibility that Cars 3 could arrive on the big screen in the next four or five years. Again, nothing official about the flick is currently making the rounds online.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Pixar intends to release one original film every year. The company also wants to crank out one sequel every other year. Pixar Animation Studios President Ed Catmull said that it’s very important to continue focusing on new content.

“Every once in a while, we get a film where we want or people want to see something continuing in that world — which is the rationale behind the sequel. They want those characters, which means we were successful with them. But if you keep doing that, then you aren’t doing original films,” he explained to Buzzfeed.

Are you excited that Cars 3 might be in the works at Pixar?

[Image via Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar]