Casey Kasem Unable To Communicate, Suffering From Hallucinations

Casey Kasem is continuing to suffer from failing health with drastic declines to his mental state.

Recently obtained legal documents show that Kasem is suffering from various issues that affect his mental capacities.

According to his physician Kasem has developed major impairment to his short term, long term and immediate recall memory.

The famed radio announcer is also suffering major impairment to his verbal communications, and is also unable to perform simple calculations, plan simple tasks and reason logically. His physician lists “severe disorganized thinking” among his worsening state.

Because of his declining mental faculties Casey Kasem is also suffering from “moderate hallucinations” which may increase in severity as his condition worsens.

Julie, one of Casey’s daughters, filed a court document in an attempt to become the conservator of Kasem’s estate. Casey’s wife of 33 years, Jean, is fighting against the court request. Jean’s attorney Marshall Grossman told the court that Kasem has been checked out by police detectives and social services workers. The lawyer for Kasem told a judge this week that he did not see an urgent need to intervene in the affairs of Casey Kasem. The attorney said the radio host is receiving adequate medical care for advanced Parkinson’s disease. The judge agreed and found no reason to grant conservatorship at this time. After the judge shot down the request attorney’s for Julie Kasem say they support the judges decision and will await further medical evaluation before proceeding with a new plan of action.

Casey Kasem has been suffering from advanced Parksinson’s Disease and dementia for the last three to four years and his doctor’s say his condition has only been worsening over that time.

Kasem, 81, rose to fame with his radio music countdown shows, “American Top 40” and “Casey’s Top 40.” He is also known for playing the voice of Shaggy in the cartoon “Scooby Doo.”