NFLPA finally has some leverage

The NFL labor ugliness is going to end and end soon. I firmly believe that, and I will stick to it. I thought that before a Judge ruled that the NFL owner’s may have violated teh soon expiring CBA, and I continue to believe now that some NFL owners may not be able to stay afloat if there is a lockout. Guys like Jerry Jones simply cannot afford to lose significant money from the TV deals because he built a billion dollar palace and the bills will remain due.

Up until this point the owners have had their way, it is their pie after all and the player’s union has tried rather unsuccessfully trying to get a little leverage of their own. Many credit rating agencies think that most NFL teams could survive a long term lockout. That was based on the assumption that they would still be getting their cut of the TV money.

Now that a Judge has said that the NFL is not entitled to that money (if there is a lockout), and worse may have violated the standing agreement, which means if the players are not on the field the owners lose the biggest chunk of revenue. Regardless of how this plays out and there are sure to be appeals, that TV money will not get into the owners hands. Which means the pressure is now on to get a deal done.