Justin Bieber’s Bodyguard ‘Lift’ At Usher’s 35th Birthday Throwdown Probably Fit Right In

Justin Bieber’s two-man bodyguard lift at the Great Wall of China last month touched off acres of media criticism, with even some Beliebers accusing the singer of diva-esque behavior.

Pictures of the 19-year-old enjoying another yet bodyguard ride at R&B superstar Usher’s recent 35th birthday celebrations have surfaced, but — to be frank — it looks like just one of the over the top things that took place at a reportedly wild party.

Along with guests such Jermaine Dupri, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs,his girlfriend Cassie, Ashley Benson, Miguel, Sugar Ray Leonard, Blake Shelton, manager Scooter Braun, Justin attended the Bootsy Bellows nightclub bash in West Hollywood, Calif., on Monday night. (Oct.14).

Photos clearly show a shirtless Bieber perched atop one of his bodyguard’s shoulders while other security support the pair as they moved through a sea of partygoers. Reportedly, Canada’s finest was carried into the nightclub like this, but that’s probably an embellishment. Us magazine previously reported a source as saying,

“Usher was completely surprised. Guests arrived at 10:30 p.m. and Usher came at 11,” the insider said.

Justin Bieber Carried By Bodyguard At Usher's 35th Birthday Bash
“Bieber came with Scooter and hung out with Usher in a booth. Usher’s girlfriend Grace [Miguel] was there as well,” they added.

Clearly, if Justin had arrived mounted on a bodyguard the eyewitness would have included that.

So, the “As Long As You Love Me” star was carried around by his bodyguard at some point during the S&M Cirque du Soleil themed throwdown that included girls “in plastic balls and with whips and chains,” stand-ins dressed as sumo-wrestlers, a dance-off competition, and alcohol.

In other words, it wasn’t a baby shower.

Usher And Justin Bieber Party

Usher's Birthday Party

Usher's 35th Birthday Party

Justin Bieber Partying At Usher's Birthday Party

Us Magazine reports Bieber, “Diddy,” and Usher took to the dance floor around 1:00 am.

“All the guys were dancing and there was sort of a dance-off between Usher, his one-time protege Bieber, Diddy and the others,” the eyewitness told the publication. “The crowd was going nuts.”

After the event, Usher posted numerous Instagram photos to his Twitter account revealing a night that may have been one for the ages.

Usher's Celebrates His 35th Birthday Party

Usher Dancing At His 35th Birthday Bash

Post-bash, Braun tweeted, “great night out for my brother @usher’s birthday. #GreatParty.”

Similarly, Justin later tweeted: @Usher that was a great time. love u man. happy birthday”

There is a tendency with a lot of reporting on Bieber to play the ‘off the rails’/ ‘look what he’s done now’ angle. Sometimes it’s appropriate and sometimes it isn’t.

In this case, it’s likely no-one at Usher’s party raised an eyebrow at the singer’s bodyguard boost — they were too busy having fun in that club.

Blake Shelton Attends Usher's Birthday Celebration

Usher Attends His 35th Birthday Bash

[Images via Usher Instagram, Twitter, Us Magazine]