Christian Grey Casting: Scott Eastwood, Son Of Clint Eastwood Is Interested, Possibly

Scott Eastwood, son of Clint Eastwood is adding his name as potential Christian Grey in the movie Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Many names have been floating around, again, after Charlie Hunnam who was cast as the troubled sexy billionaire from the E.L. James novel, but Eastwood is a new addition to the list and he doesn’t seem opposed to the idea.

The hunky young actor, who resembles his father in his younger days, is throwing his name into the mix and some are already paying attention.

Twitter is getting excited at the possibility of seeing Scott Eastwood paired up with Dakota Johnson’s Anastasia Steele, but there is no word from producers, who need to find Hunnam’s replacement quickly, before production begins next month.

We have to admit, Scott Eastwood could definitely play the part, with his toned body and 27 years of age, which is Christian Grey’s age in the novel, it sounds like he is right for it and from his tweet, he might be interested.

If reports that Charlie Hunnam was offered $125,000 to play the role are true, the studio will probably need to settle with an unknown as no established actor will take the controversial role for that salary.

Many are finding the idea very appealing from a search we did on Eastwood’s name on Twitter, if you do so, there are several photos of the actor.

Scott Eastwood has appeared in several of his dad’s movies including Invictus and Grand Torino. He is slated for the movie Fury alongside Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, and Logan Lerman coming in 2014.

How do you like Scott Eastwood as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades? Just what the studio needs?

[Image courtesy of Scott Eastwood/Twitter]