October 17, 2013
Blake Lively Returns To The Big Screen, Replaces Katherine Heigl In Film

Looks like there's life after Gossip Girl for Blake Lively. The actress, who has enjoyed the domestic life with husband Ryan Reynolds, is looking to get back into movies. Reportedly, Blake is set to replace Katherine Heigl in a romantic drama called The Age of Adaline.

Lively will act along Ellen Burstyn in Lionsgate Entertainment's The Age of Adaline. In the film, Lively will rely on her good looks as she portrays an "ageless beauty" who was born in the beginning of the 20th century and has stopped aging after a near-fatal accident. Of course, Lively meets a man who makes her realize that aging is actually worth it in the end.

While there's no word on who Blake Lively is starring with, this film seems to be a real turning point for Lively, who up until now is only remembered for her last film, Savages. Unfortunately for Lively, the 2012 film was a bloated mess.

Although Lively was in Ben Affleck's acclaimed Bostonian crime film, The Town, in 2010, playing a drugged up mother, she was considered by many to be a weak link in the film. Savages as a follow up did her no favors, especially as Lively's CW show Gossip Girl was coming to a close after six years.

Now it seems like Blake Lively is trying to get her career back on track by marketing herself as a romantic lead, which is a pretty smart move considering the "serious dramatic actress" angle didn't quite work for her in the past.

Deadline reports that Lively's new role was originally slated to have Katherine Heigl star as the "ageless beauty," but was dropped for reasons unknown. Recently, Heigl's on-set behavior has come into question when a few very damaging reports were written based on various sources' claims that the actress is extremely difficult to work with and not worth the headache.

As for Blake Lively's Age of Adaline, filming begins in March.

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