Gandalf In Real Life Is Not So Impressive [Video]

Gandalf might rule Middle Earth with his mix of wisdom and magical powers, but when it comes to a bridge in New York City he doesn’t stand a chance.

Improve Everywhere has created a new comical video titled “Movies in Real Life” in which they re-enact Galdalf’s famous “You shall not pass” scene.

The hidden video sketch was performed on Central Park’s Bow Bridge where unsuspecting visitors were asked to stop their advances.

Most people walking across the bridge simply laughed as they passed. However, one couple did stop, at which point Gandalf replied “Thanks for stopping.”

We have a theory. Gandalf is dressed in grey and therefore he needs to be forced off the bridge, and then come back as Galdalf the White. After all we know refusing Galdalf the White is much harder.

Improv Everywhere has produced 145 hilarious videos and this one has gone viral. Uploaded on October 14, 2013 the video has already racked up 442,328 views. The video has received 5,029 thumbs up votes and just 419 downvotes.

The best part of this video might be the reactions of New Yorkers. You can pretty much tell which people are from the city when they just refuse to acknowledge another potentially crazy guy ranting in the city. Watch the crowd closely and you can tell who is probably visiting New York City and who lives there. Hint, the people frantically grabbing at their cameras or staring in disbelief are probably from out of town.

Would you stop on the bridge if some random, potentially crazy guy, dressed as Gandolf the Grey demanded that “you shall not pass.”