July 28, 2014
'Transformers 4' Director Michael Bay Reportedly Attacked On Set

[Update] Transformers 4 director Michael Bay wasn't hurt, but he was allegedly threatened by someone on drugs using an air conditioning unit as a weapon.

Transformers 4's Michael Bay was reportedly attacked on the Hong Kong set of the film. It could be said that there are a lot of movie critics who wish it was them, especially after the second film.

Michael Bay can apparently be a difficult man to get along with, if Megan Fox's scuffle with him over Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was any indication, but it wasn't until now that Michael Bay has ever been physically assaulted on the set, and it wasn't even anyone involved with the film. After the attack, the Transformers: Age of Extinction director declined treatment and said he was fine, continuing his work on the film and proving he's quite the trooper.

It is unknown exactly what the reason was that the two brothers whose last names were apparently Mak approached Michael Bay and demanded the Hong Kong equivalent of $12,900, but it was enough to upset them to violence. The elder brother struck the director on the right side of his face, causing what seems to have been minor injury. Police came into the situation after Transformers 4 director Michael Bay was attacked, at which point the man also assaulted three police officers before being restrained.

There had been allegedly a third man involved in the situation by the name of Chan. All three of the men are now in custody as police are investigating the situation. The elder Mak was arrested on suspicion of assault, while the younger Mak was arrested for suspicion of blackmail as well.

Michael Bay and his crew went back to work right afterward, though the officers went to the hospital for their injuries. None of them offered any comment on the attack as reporters arrived on the scene requesting further details.

The brothers may have been demanding the money for being filmed accidentally, or just taking advantage of the Transformers 4 director, but their motives are not clear.

Despite the Hong Kong attack, however, Michael Bay's Transformers 4 is still in production.