Natalie Portman Gushes About Chris Hemsworth, Calls Him ‘A Full Human’

Natalie Portman gushes about Chris Hemsworth, calls him "a full human".

While promoting their film Thor: The Dark World, Natalie Portman said her co-star Chris Hemsworth is “a full human” and “smoking hot.”

As if we needed confirmation, but it’s good to know that someone in Hollywood agrees with what most women have known for a long time. Chris Hemsworth is very hot indeed.

The Australian actor, who is mostly known for playing Thor in the the Marvel franchise and recently starred as playboy British Formula 1 race car driver James Hunt in Ron Howard’s Rush, is a favorite of the ladies and it seems like his co-stars are not immune to his obvious charms.

Natalie Portman has only good things to say about the hunky Aussie in an interview with Details Magazine.

“He’s like a person you actually want to hang out with…a full human,” she said. “There’s no scoop, except he’s rad. The scoop is he’s just great at everything.”

Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

Talking about a possible future project Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth would do after they finish with Thor, the Israeli born actress says:

“When we were doing the first Thor, we would joke that we should remake The Way We Were. Little Jewish girl, a smoking-hot Gentile. If we work together again, that’s clearly our project.”

Natalie Portman also mentioned that Chris Hemsworth is different from other actors and more of a regular kind of guy.

“He’s confident in a very quiet way. Not a look-at-me kind of way.” Portman said. “He’s like the silent guy at the table. He can sit there and listen and be generous and not have to be tap-dancing all the time-which is really unusual for an actor

And if you think that something is going on between these two, think again. They are both happily married with young children. Natalia Portman is married to choreographer Benjamin Millepied and Chris Hemsworth is married to actress Elsa Pataky and has a one-year-old daughter, India Rose.