Stan Lee Unveils Indian Superhero 'Chakra: The Invincible'

Stan Lee's newest superhero, Chakra: The Invincible, has been unveiled, and the Spider-Man creator's first ever Indian protagonist will premiere on November 30 on the Cartoon Network.

Lee worked in conjunction with POW! Entertainment and Liquid Comics, an Indian graphic novel publisher, while developing Chakra.

The artist released a statement that read, "I am incredibly excited to be collaborating with my friends at Graphic India as we launch this great new, thrill-a-minute superhero saga named, Chakra: The Invincible, on Cartoon Network."

He went on to add, "The incredible story of Chakra, one of my latest and most exciting superhero creations, promises to captivate audiences in India and around the world with his adventures."

Lee's new story revolves around Raju Rai, who lives in the Indian city of Mumbai and is only a child. Rai works alongside, Dr Singh, his mentor, who is a scientist that has developed a technology suit that activates the mystical chakras of the body.

When Raju puts on the suit he soon inhabits various superpowers, and soon decides to battle against numerous super villains, while protecting those who are in need.

Krishna Desai, Turner International India's senior director and network head for kids, noted, "We are thrilled to announce this partnership and to have the pleasure of working with one of the world's greatest legends, and my favorite real-life superhero, Stan Lee."

Meanwhile, Sharad Devarajan, the director and executive producer of the film, added, "Stan Lee is one of the most prolific storytellers in the world, and in the same way his previous characters are known by nearly every man, woman and child on the planet, we believe Chakra will captivate audiences from Boston to Beijing to Bangalore."

Previously, Graphic India has created various animation films and comic books that have prospered in the Indian market.

Are you looking forward to Stan Lee's Chakra: The Invincible?

[Image via Edward Liu/Wikimedia & POW! Entertainment]