‘Shooter McGavin’ Actor Christopher McDonald Arrested For DWI [Video]

Happy Gilmore‘s Shooter McGavin, or actor Christopher McDonald, was arrested with a DWI. The man who played the role in the Adam Sandler film Happy Gilmore was cuffed and taken downtown around 4:30am this morning for driving drunk.

If you don’t know, Shooter McGavin was the guy in the movie who was Happy Gilmore’s opponent in a professional golf tour. Happy Gilmore was a guy who grew up just wanting to play hockey, but when Chubbs Peterson (Carl Weathers) discovered he was a natural to play golf, he persuaded the temper-ridden Gilmore to compete in the tournament. Shooter McGavin was the cocky pro who was out to win the tournament by any means, even hiring a guy to jeer his rival from the sidelines. Of course, the pressure and a nervous habit made Shooter McGavin utter some of the most awkwardly hilarious lines.

Shooter McGavin actor Christopher McDonald, 58, got in a different kind of trouble this morning when he registered with a blood alcohol level of.15, which is about double the legal limit. According to deputies at Hanover County Jail, Christopher McDonald was arrested in Hollywood East after being pulled over on Third Street.

Christopher McDonald has been booked with a $1000 unsecured bond, and will face the DWI charges in court on December 11. He was set to begin filming The Squeeze, which may be a remake of one of three earlier films. The casting agents may have to bail him out to continue filming or replace him.

The Squeeze was originally a British gangster movie, followed a year later by probably an unrelated American film about a bank heist. In 1987 it was a comedy starring Michael Keaton (Batman). It’s too early in development to know what the story will be, but if Christopher McDonald is set to be in it, he is going to have to work around this DWI arrest.

What do you think of Shooter McGavin actor Christopher McDonald being arrested with a DWI?