Fake girlfriend takes man for $200K online

I was tempted to file this one in the [Moron Dept.] but as obviously ridiculous as it might be that a man wouldn’t have figured out within two years that his on-line girlfriend didn’t even exist, one has to feel just a twinge of pity for the guy.

After all losing $200,000 isn’t the nicest thing to happen to anyone regardless of the circumstance, which in this case threw all kinds of red flags which the man apparently was blind to.

Anyway it turns out that a Naperville, Illinois man believed that he was in a serious online relationship with a woman, whose age is unknown, and as a result ended up wiring her around $200,000 over the two year period.

So how did this all come to light?

Well it seems that he contacted the police because he believed that she had been kidnapped and wanted their help:

The man called Naperville police this past Wednesday to ask for their assistance in locating the woman, as he believed she had been kidnapped in London. There aren’t any details as to how or why the kidnapping theory came up, but it was the final piece that allowed police to put together the puzzle of where this guy’s cash had been going all this time.

Well, sort-of. For while said “girlfriend” was never found or identified, police were able to do a little research on an identification card provided by the boyfriend to show proof that his lady-friend did indeed exist. The card, merely a sample Florida driver’s license, broke the relationship open for what it really was: A complete and total scam.

via PC Mag

I don’t know about you but I would have been asking questions when he was wiring her money in places like Nigeria, Malaysia, England, and the United States.