Robert Pera And Michael Jordan’s NBA Owners 1-On-1 Charity Challenge

Robert Pera Challenges Michael Jordan

This just in: Charlotte Bobcats’ Michael Jordan may soon be wiping the floor with fellow NBA owner Robert Pera.

But don’t worry, Jordan would be doing it for a good cause, to the tune of $1 million.

Memphis Grizzlies owner Pera was set to play Memphis guard Tony Allen in some friendly 1-on-1 for charity. As that has yet to pan out, somehow Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban got tossed in the mix. Pera, wondering where the Cuban talk came from, upped his game.

“If we are talking an owner game, get me MJ! I’ll up the charity contribution to $1mm,” he tweeted.


While Pera had promised to make “quick work” of Cuban, he didn’t use that talk when mentioning Michael Jordan. Jordan would easily take him, no doubt, but Michael should know Pera does have some skills.

UPI reports that the money raised by Robert Pera vs. Michael Jordan would go to St. Jude’s Research Hospital.

Michael Jordan has yet to respond to his colleague’s friendly challenge, but seriously, Michael, how hard could it be? Break out the old Air Jordan shoes and show the kid how it’s done.

Do you think Michael Jordan will accept the challenge? Does Michael Jordan Have what it takes to defeat a fellow owner? Can Robert Pera beat Michael Jordan?