Leonardo DiCaprio Not Dating Kat Torres

Model Kat Torres may have “confirmed” that she is dating Leonardo DiCaprio earlier this week but several sources are claiming that the 25-year-old Brazilian is merely seeking attention.

Torres told Extra: “Leo is amazing… I met him in Cannes. We were staying at the same house. I really don’t know how the photographers got the picture because we were well-guarded and no one could come close in any circumstances.”

The Cannes Film Festival was about five months ago and the two haven’t been spotted since. Leo is very guarded about his privacy but the paparazzi are also very dedicated to invading that privacy. You would think that a photo or two would have surfaced if Torres is really telling the truth.

An E! Online source said that DiCaprio and Torres did meet at the Cannes Film Festival but that they haven’t seen each other since. The source said that the two are not romantically involved at the moment and that they have never been romantically involved.

The source added that Torres may be “seeking a modeling contract” with all of this new publicity.

Of course, Torres does have an explanation as to why she never said anything before. According to the model, Leonardo has his girlfriends sign an agreement that forbids them to talk about their relationship outside of the bedroom.

Torres said: “I worry about what he will think about me talking to you. We have a pact that nothing can ever be said about our relationship.”