August 24, 2017
'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Will Not Be Released In 48 FPS

X-Men: Days Of Future Past will not be released in the new technology, 48 frames per second (fps), according to 20th Century Fox studios which made the announcement denying the rumors.

There were reports on Sunday indicating that the sequel would be using the same technology that director Peter Jackson used for his new trilogy, The Hobbit.

Critics slammed Jackson for what some of them called, less than crisp image in the new style. Most movies are filmed using a slower speed of 24 fps.

With 48 fps the speed at which a film is projected is double the speed of what we are used to.

According to a report on the website Ain't It Cool, filmmakers for X-Men were "playing coy", because of the negative reaction the new technology used in The Hobbit received, but wanted to use it for their film.

The website claims that director Bryan Singer and company were prepared to follow in Jackson's footsteps for his sequel, X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

Fox is not sure where the rumor started, but insists that 48 fps is not the way their film is going.

Most of the criticism for Peter Jackson, who is known for being an innovator, came because film critics said the high frame resolution distorted the image of the 3D movie.

Warner Bros. technicians were busy until the last minute, adding software so movie houses could project the film properly.

"At first, in the Smaug battle, I thought I was watching a video game: pellucid pictures of indistinct creatures," Time wrote in its less than accepting review.

As with any emerging technology, there will be skeptics. Peter Jackson defended his decision of using 48 fps for his trilogy saying the studio was supportive and they took a "leap of faith."

It appears Fox is not ready to jump in the 48 fps bandwagon with X-Men: Days Of Future Past yet.