October 15, 2013
Ben Foster's 'Lance Armstrong Biopic' Gears Up With Chris O'Dowd And More

Ben Foster as Lance Armstrong is finally in motion. This is the first biopic on the cyclist, who was banned from racing after it was revealed he led the biggest doping ring in the United States.

So far there's three biopics in the works by J.J. Abrams, Scott Z. Burns, and Jay Roach, but it looks like Stephen Frears' version will actually see the light of day. It was announced that Ben Foster would play the cyclist, and now the director has begun to pull a few more talented faces to join the cast for his Lance Armstrong biopic.

It's reported that Chris O'Dowd, director/actor Guillaume Canet, and Jesse Plemons have signed up for the untitled Lance Armstrong biopic. The biopic is said to be based on David Walsh's book "Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong". The book is about how one journalist (David Walsh) unmasked the truth behind cycling's biggest star. Pessimistic about Lance Armstrong's win in 1999, the journalist began on a fight for the truth.

For those living under a rock, Lance Armstrong's story is as follows. He won the Tour de France a record-breaking seven times, had a high profiled- relationship with singer Sheryl Crowe, was a charitable benefactor, and also beat cancer. It's a story that has fable written all over it, and in 2012 the US Anti-Doping Agency published a report on Armstrong, which lead to the cyclist losing his titles and his golden boy reputation. Lance Armstrong later appeared on Oprah and admitted that it was all true after denying claims for some time.

It is said that Chris O'Dowd will play journalist David Walsh, while Canet and Plemons will join as supporting characters.

It is assumed that the Lance Armstrong biopic will start filming on October 18.

Do you agree with the casting choices?