Steve Jobs’ Ex-Wife, Chrisann Brennan: ‘He Believed He Was A World War II Fighter Pilot In Past Life’

Steve Jobs’ ex-wife, Chrisann Brennan, has revealed that the Apple founder believed he was a World War II fighter pilot in a previous life.

Brennan, who is mother of Jobs’ daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs, also noted that Jobs turned into a “demon” after his tremendous success, which saw him labeled one of the most influential entrepreneurs of the modern age.

Lisa Brennan-Jobs, who was married to Jobs until their early 20s, has revealed all in her new book, “The Bite in the Apple: A Memoir of my Life With Steve Jobs.”

The New York Post are currently publishing excerpts from the upcoming book, and in it she states that Jobs was unable to mix his newfound success with the burgeoning responsibility of parenthood.

Jobs denied that Lisa was his child for years, and didn’t even provide money for the duo, which forced his ex-wife to wait tables. However, he finally accepted that Lisa was his daughter, and paid for her to attend Harvard.

But Brennan’s biggest revelation saw her confirm that Jobs was obsessed with the 1940s, so much so that he believed he was a fighter pilot in a previous life.

Brennan wrote in her book, “Steve often said that he had a strong sense of having had a past life as a World War II pilot. He’d tell me how, when driving, he felt a strong impulse to pull the steering wheel back as if for takeoff.”

She then added, “It was a curious thing for him to say, but he did have that sense of unadorned glamour from the forties. He loved the big band sound of Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, and Count Basie. At the first Apple party he even danced like he was from the forties.”

After the demise of Jobs’ relationship with Brennan, he went on to marry Laurene Powell in 1991, with whom he had three children before he died in 2011.

[Image via Joi Ito/Wikimedia]