Christina Milian Eliminated From DWTS [Video]

Goodbye Christina Milian.

Milian and her professional dancing partner Mark Ballas were eliminated from Dancing With The Stars last night.

Milian said that she was shocked to learn that she was getting eliminated from the show.

The 32-year-old singer said: “I was shocked, for sure… I’m not saying it should have been anyone else, but to be honest with you, after having a great performance you feel a lot more confident.”

Milian’s performance last week was greeted with some controversial criticism from Julianne Hough. The dancer said that Hough’s comments probably played into her elimination.

Milian added: “But in the back of your mind you know a lot of this is determined by votes. A lot of it has to do with that and we knew last week wasn’t the best week based on everything with Julianne and all the stuff that happened, so we weren’t sure what the outcome would be. I guess it just didn’t work out.”

Milian may not agree with her dismissal from the show but she said that she has no regrets about her time on Dancing With The Stars.

The singer said: “No regrets at all. It was a great experience and I wish I could be here longer. I’ve made some great memories, great friends here. Everybody’s been fantastic. It’s been something that I’ve learned a lot about myself just being here…If you take a challenge and you take a great risk, you become a better person.”