Seattle Seahawks Beat Titans 20-13, Despite Mistakes

The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Tennesse Titans 20-13 on Sunday, despite several mistakes. However, coach Pete Carroll stated Monday that things were better than they looked.

The Seahawks saw five fumbles and gave up a 77-yard touchdown on a badly botched field goal at the end of the first half. Despite this, Carroll still saw the positive side in his team’s performance, notes ESPN.

Carroll stated, “I thought we got better some areas, though it didn’t always look like that way to you guys. I feel really positive about it, more so than you guys felt watching that game. We made progress.”

Still, the Seahawks head coach admitted there were a few areas the team still needs to work on. However, he noted that Max Unger’s return helped the offensive line, and he pointed to the likely return of starting tight end Zach Miller for Thursday’s game as another improvement.

Despite the mistakes the Seattle Seahawks made, they still came out on top against the Titans, who are now 3 for 3 this season, notes USA Today. The Hawks are now 5 and 1 and have won the last 11 home games they played. They have Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, and Russell Wilson to thank for the win.

Lynch rushed for two touchdowns and had 155 yards for the game. Wilson also produced a solid game, allowing the team to stay at the top of the NFC West. Carroll added of the game, “We kind of made it rough on ourselves today. We could have had a better day of it, but some stuff got away from us.”

Defensive End Chris Clemons was the only significant injury from the Seahawks’ game against the Titans, and Carroll wasn’t sure if Clemons will play on Thursday. Thankfully, kicker Steven Hauschka was no worse for wear after being injured in the first half. He returned in the second half.

The Seattle Seahawks will play the Arizona Cardinals on the road on Thursday.