Sofia Vergara Fires Several Stylists, Brings Too Many People To Fittings

Sofia Vergara Fires Several Stylists, brings too many people to fittings

Latin actress Sofia Vergara keeps firing her stylists for some reason and brings too many people to her fittings. That may be the problem.

The proverbial anonymous sources tell all when they complain Vergara has been going through stylists like there’s no tomorrow in her quest to find the perfect one who will, well, take care of her style.

The voluptuous brunette can’t seem to make up her mind as to who to choose that will help her propel her career into the future.

According to a Public Relations insider the Modern Family star has gone through at least five stylists recently, including Deborah Waknin, who caters to the likes of Sandra Bullock; Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn (Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna); Elizabeth Stewart (Cate Blanchett and Jessica Chastain), and ultimately to Rachel Zoe, whom she hired to get her ready for the premiere of Machete Kills.

Sofia Vergara is known for her long dark locks, impeccable appearance, and perfect make-up at any red carpet event, so it is critical to find someone she is happy with.

Ah, the troubles of being a Hollywood celebrity.

“No one goes through that many stylists.” the source says and adds the problem may be with how many people come with her in the dressing room, suggesting that too many opinionated people are making it almost impossible to reach a decision.

The source reveals that the Colombian actress brings friends and family into her dressing room, however, some one close to Sofia Vergara says that is not the case.

“Sofia stopped working with Deb [Waknin] over a year ago and has since been trying out various [stylists] to see who she connects with best. This isn’t uncom”mon for actors.

And just to make it clear that Sofia Vergara is not letting other influence her choice of stylists the source adds, “She does not bring a lot of people to her fittings.”