Madonna Banned From Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas After Texting Incident

Madonna Banned

Madonna is now banned from all cinemas owned by Alamo Drafthouse. Officials with the Texas cinema chain were outraged when Madonna ignored their rules against texting. The superstar reportedly sent and received text messages throughout a premier of 12 Years a Slave.

The New York film festival premier took place at the Walter Reade Theater. The cinema chain is well-known for their strict policies against Interruptive behavior, including the use of cell phones.

Unfazed by the rules, Madonna continued texting throughout the film. When audience members asked her to stop, she reportedly said “It’s for business… enslaver… ”

Her remarks were specifically inappropriate as the film follows the true story of a man sold into slavery. Soloman Northrup, played by Chiwetel Eijofor, was living as a free black man in upstate New York. He was eventually abducted and sold into a life of slavery. Northrup spent the next 12 years fighting for his life, dignity, and freedom.

As reported by The Guardian, Alamo Drafthouse CEO Tim League initially announced Madonna’s ban through Twitter. He said the comment was initially made in jest. However, he intends to follow through with his threat.

Although he does not expect the ban to bother the superstar, League hopes to send an important message: “it is rude to text during movies.”

As reported by Daily Mail, League said he would appreciate an apology. However, he does not expect to get one anytime soon. The superstar has not commented on the incident.

Alamo Drafthouse’s policies are not reserved for celebrities. Warnings are issued on-screen before the start of each film. The policy explicitly states that audience members will receive one warning if caught texting. If they do it a second time, they will be removed from the theater.

Madonna obvious missed the warnings, or was simply unwilling to turn off her phone.

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