Christina Applegate’s Husband Detained After Paparazzi Fight, No Charges Filed

Martyn LeNoble Talks to Police About Paparazzi Fight

Christina Applegate’s husband Martyn LeNoble was detained by police on Sunday after he allegedly beat up a member of the paparazzi.

The Porno for Pyros bassist insists that the photographer crossed a line by taking photographs of his young child.

In a video posted by TMZ the rocker is seen being detained by police in Studio City. The arrest went down in broad daylight as officers approached Martyn, patted him down, and then detained him.

Police didn’t handcuff LeNoble and he was not placed under arrest. However, he was asked to tell him side of the story.

LeNoble told police that a man with a camera attempted to photograph his wife and 2-year-old daughter at a private birthday party. According to LeNoble, “I went outside to talk to him and he got physical with me… he wouldn’t back off.”

LeNoble insists that the paparazzi member tried to get him to fight in a back alley, telling LeNoble, “Let’s see what kind of man you are.”

While police eventually released Martyn LeNoble after a quick round of questioning, it sounds like he might press charges of his very own against the photographer.

Christina Applegate’s husband isn’t the first celebrity parent to draw a line at taking photographs of their children and he likely won’t be the last. Allowing public images of celebrities children to make their way online could pose security risks for mom, dad, and child.

Law enforcement officers say the paparazzi member isn’t pressing charges against the bassist.

Do you think Applegate’s husband made the right decision in telling the photographer to back off after he tried to take photographs of the rockers 2-year-old daughter?