Colin Firth Was ‘Really Upset’ About Character’s Death In New Bridget Jones Novel

Colin Firth was reportedly “really upset” about the death of a certain character in author Helen Fielding’s latest Bridget Jones novel Mad About the Boy.

Fans of the hopelessly romantic character were understandably crushed to learn that Mark Darcy wouldn’t appear in the next installment of the literary series. According to Fielding, the hardest part about killing off the guy was telling Colin Firth about her decision.

For those who aren’t into the misadventures of Bridget Jones and his suitors, Firth played one of the character’s love interests in both Bridget Jones’s Diary and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Not surprisingly, the star was a little shocked that Darcy is dead and buried in the new book.

“One of the weirdest conversations I’ve ever had was when I called Colin to tell him. It was almost as if I was telling him that someone had actually died. We were both really upset. But then we both started laughing, as nobody had actually died,” Fielding told the Daily Mail.

Is all of this talk about Mark Darcy’s death a publicity stunt to get people interested in the new novel? According to Celebuzz, the author hinted that Darcy could return in the book. Although Fielding teased his resurrection, fans will have to wait until the book is finally released to see what happens.

“Remember the latest James Bond movie when 007 fakes his own death. And in ‘Kill Bill 2,’ Uma Thurman is buried and digs her way out. These are all good ideas — you’ll have to watch out,” the writer explained during a recent reading.

Colin Firth wasn’t the only person upset about Mark Darcy’s passing. Shortly after news of his death started making the rounds, fans of the books flooded social media with their thoughts and feelings. Some of them refused to believe the character was truly dead.

“Darcy hasn’t died. Call me stubborn, fine, but I refuse to accept the new book as ‘Bridget Jones’ canon, one upset reader tweeted after the story broke.

Are you a fan of Colin Firth? What do you think about the actor’s reaction to his character’s death in the latest Bridget Jones novel?

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