Justin Bieber Didn’t Physically Attack DJ’s Manager At Nightclub, Says Insider

Justin Bieber Did Not Punch DJ's Tour Manager In A Seoul, South Korean Nightclub Says Source

Following reports claiming Justin Bieber attacked a deejay’s tour manager in a South Korea club, a source close to the situation says the singer wasn’t involved in a physical altercation.

On October 12, Woods took to Twitter alleging Bieber and his bodyguards entered his DJ booth at [Seoul’s The A Club] during his set “demanding” he put on hip-hop music. The EDM specialist said the singer took exception to his refusal and threw a “cheap shot” at his tour manager Alex Madden. The DJ claims the 19-year-old then retreated behind his security.

While its alleged Bieber lashed out at the Brit deejay when his hip-hop request was declined, party host Ben Baller’s version of events to TMZ differs substantially from Woods’ and Madden’s. Baller confirms there was a disagreement over the music selection, but denies the singer threw a punch.

Gossip Cop reports an insider states there is “No truth” to claims of an attack, adding, “Everyone had a lot of fun at the party.”

In the wake of the allegations against Bieber, Saturday night (Oct.12) witnessed a certain degree of Twitter histrionics from Canadian music producer/ DJ Deadmau5. The DJ, whose name is Joel Thomas Zimmerman, wasn’t at the nightclub on the night in question but blasted the pop singer in derogatory statements while arguing with tweens. Madden and Woods also posted tweets.

Dan Kanter, musical director and guitarist on the Believe world tour, also weighed into Saturday’s Twitter frenzy, writing,

Meanwhile, while it’s no doubt irritating for a world renowned DJ to be asked for requests and then argued with, the source’s denial of a physical altercation between Madden and Bieber supports Ben Baller’s denial.

This repeating pattern of conflicting accounts and premature judgments when it comes to Bieber echoes other incidents in recent months where allegations against the singer were later revealed to be exaggerated or baseless.

Cases in point; the alleged hit and run investigation following a June incident at the Laugh Factory comedy club in L.A., questions that subsequently arose over claims the singer spat on a group of fans in Toronto in July, the non-pursuance of charges against the teen star in a reckless driving investigation, and a battery claim alleged by a neighbor.

Tellingly in the battery case, notwithstanding many outlets’ repetition of a gossip site’s claims that the neighbor allegedly “saved” Bieber’s spittle, Us magazine were explicitly told by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office that “no such evidence existed.”

Following the South Korea nightclub allegations, Justin may have alluded to the fresh claims in a tweet he posted on Sunday (Oct. 13) ahead of the release of his second single “All That Matters.”

Bieber wrote: