Nomad Paintbrush For Your iPad, A New Way To Play With Capacitive Displays

If you’re an artist or an artist at heart and the only palette you typically have with you is your iPad you can now paint to your hearts content thanks to the Nomad Paintbrush, an iPad friendly paintbrush with conductive fibers.

Those conductive fibers are important since a regular paintbrush won’t be recognized by the conductive touchscreen found on the Apple device with requires a human touch. The brush also includes regular bristles to help ensure a natural feel for the more serious painter.

The brush should come in handy when using compatible apps which include such offerings as Artrage, Auryn Ink, Zen Brush and Brushes.

If you’re an artist and you happen to give the Nomad Paintbrush a try let us know what you think.

Nomad Brush via Dvice