Have the Virgina Destroyers used up all their fans good will?

The folks the run the United Football League were hoping to launch the Virginia Destroyers much like they did the Omaha Nighthawks in hopes that the new team would be embraced by the local Virginia fans and they would have instant success. Maybe not on the field but certainly help the ailing UFL make some much needed revenue. They gave this team a full year to build itself up, and since its launch nothing has gone quite right for this league or team.

General Manger Doug Williams has left to retake the Head Coaching job at Grambling State, of course Head Coach Joe Moglia already left to coach the Omaha Nighthawks, and Head Coach Jay Gruden left the team to become of the offensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals. For those keeping score that means the Destroyers have had two owners, and by the time they play their first game they will have had two general mangers and three head coaches.

None of these moves are striking up any faith with their local fan base, and the biggest connection to that base (Williams did win a Super Bowl with the Washington Redskins) has left the building. With all of that going on, one has to wonder if this team will ever see the field of play. Six months ago a third UFL season seemed like a lock, but now the future of this league gets murkier and murkier each and every day.

An upstart league always loses money in the first few years of operation, and that is certainly true of this one. However, I have heard a number that might make a third UFL season doubtful. The league expects to lose another 7 million dollars operating the 2011 UFL season. It seems that the Destroyers could end up being the second causality of a league looking to find its footing.

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