Brandi Glanville Reveals: ‘I Had A Little Bit Of A Rough Year’

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Brandi Glanville, the famous Real Housewives of Beverley Hills celebrity, has had a bit of a “rough year.”

She spoke to E! News about her year, including the current status quo with her exes, her cancer scare, and her advice to woman. It has long been reported in the news that Glanville and her ex, LeAnn Rimes, have exchanged more than a few stern words since their break up.

She also told reporters at the Life&Style Presents Hollywood party that she was getting along just fine with her other ex, Eddie Cibrian. She said, “As far as I know, we’re fine.”

Brandi Glanville then continued to speak about the fact she sees her ex-boyfriends socially: “I see them at soccer, I say hello, and I don’t really have any other interactions with them.”

She spoke about her difficult year: “I had a little bit of a rough year with family matters and health issues, you’ll see all of that unfold. There’s ups and downs. Friendships are kinda changing, I’m getting closer with certain people. Our real personalities are coming out,” she said.

Glanville then went on to encourage woman, especially those in their 40’s, to make sure they get regular check-ups after her recent ovarian cancer. She said:

“I had a cancer scare, myself, and I had a tumor removed at Pink Lotus Breast Center and luckily it wasn’t cancerous. It scared the crap outta me. But I just think that staying on top of it and for women, too—ovarian cancer is like the silent killer—and I tell all my lady friends to get your annual exam. They’re so important. There’s no symptoms. There’s no lump to find. That’s a big part of what I wanna get out there.”

Brandi Glanville’s words of encouragement were a good message to people. Do you think that celebrities and famous people should take more opportunities,as in the quote above, to offer positive messages and act as good role models?