Katy Perry: Daniel Radcliffe Admits Massive Crush, Says Nudity Not ‘Intentional’

Katy Perry apparently has been on Daniel Radcliffe’s mind a lot lately.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, internet searches for Katy Perry used to be one of the biggest celebrity scams used to upload viruses onto unsuspecting fans.

Daniel Radcliffe has been pushing Harry Potter far away while been admitting a lot of secrets. Radcliffe says he’s quite a nuisance when alcohol gets in his system and he’s even opened up about all those nude scenes he’s been in lately.

Speaking on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Daniel Radcliffe says he and a friend (not Kate Winslet) were discussing their recent work and because of the large number of nude scenes he believed “we’re going to start getting called exhibitionists.” But Radcliffe “promises it’s not intentional” although he’s admitting being nude on set.

What seemed to make Daniel Radcliffe a bit tongue-tied was Katy Perry, although he claims his crush is “not quite as debilitating [as it seems].” When asked, Daniel Radcliffe explained why he didn’t admit his love for Katy Perry:

“I thought I should go up and say hi and then I thought about, ‘What if she thinks you’re some teenage fanboy?’ So I couldn’t. I said, ‘I’m not going to try, it would be embarrassing.’ She probably knows I have a crush on her. She’s not here is she?”

In response, Ellen DeGeneres joked, “She’s actually in the next act. She’s bringing out a naked statue of you!” Daniel Radcliffe’s only response was to say that would fulfill “so many of my fantasies.”

But that Katy Perry fantasy is unlikely to happen any time soon. Although Katy Perry contemplated suicide after divorcing Russell Brand, she’s now reconciled her relationship with John Mayer, who she once said should “give his mind to science.” Considering that interest in science, a Katy Perry, Daniel Radcliffe relationship probably doesn’t have a chance since, obviously, he’s well known for his “magic.”