Strike 3 Call May Be Funniest Sports Video Of All Time

Strike 3 Call May Be Greates Sports Call Of All Time

The strike 3 call is one of the greatest moments of expression in sports.

It gives the umpire a chance to put own signature on the strikeout, the punctuation mark to an already exciting feat.

There are many different variations on the strike 3 call — from a muted punch to a showy grunt — but former MLB ace Mark Mulder may have just found the coolest one of all time.

He shared the call on Instagram, showing an umpire at a youth game calling a strikeout with what appears to be a little dance and the catch phrase, “Whoomp, there it is!”

While he may have borrowed his phrase from the 1990s pop-rappers Tag Team, the umpire certainly made a mark with his strike 3 call.

The Instagram has made the rounds on Friday, making its way onto sports blogs and news outlets nationwide.

The umpire may have been trying to emulate Leslie Nielson, whose character Frank Drebin stepped behind the plate in the movie The Naked Gun for one of the most famous (and funniest) strike 3 calls of all time.

The umpire from Mark Mulder’s Instagram can learn from some of the other flamboyant officials from throughout sports, like much-reviled NBA ref Joey Crawford, who turned a traveling call into something that looked like a drum major strutting down the court.

There are plenty of colorful officials in the NFL as well, including longtime NFL referee Ben Dreith, who got very descriptive when talking about what a New York Jets defensive lineman did to Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly.

The strike 3 call may have some competition for the funniest umpire reaction in all of sports, but it certainly holds a high place among youth sports.