Google Nexus One Gets Hacked Android 3.0 Setup

We love the enterprising individuals who frequent the XDA Developers forums, especially people like user bypass23 who take the wonderfulness of Android 3.0 and port it onto the Nexus One.

The ROM, which can be installed directly from the popular developers forum has already been used by many users, although it’s said to be slow and restrictive since it’s meant for tablets and was created directly from the SDK.

Because the 3.0 build is a tablet based offering the ROM doesn’t including cellular calling, data, SMS or Wi-Fi, which means it may look pretty but is far from fully functional.

It’s also recommended that you run the OS in landscape mode and you should be aware that icons are rather tiny on a mobile device.

According to Electronista:

Setting it in this build requires starting the camera app to force rotation, then clicking on the clock from the home screen, clicking it on the pop-up and locking screen orientation. Bypass23 gives credit to other users for the work that served as the basis, including Pershoot, NuroSlam and RiotMAC.

Way too many issues for a functional device, but for developers it’s a great way to play around with 3.0 functionality on a non-tablet device.

Here’s a look at the ROM being loaded on the Google Nexus One:

Android 3 on Nexus One Smartphone

Have you ported the ROM to your Google Nexus One? If you have let us know what you think.