New Facebook app ‘Breakup Notifier’ gives you dibs on newly-single friends

You know when you log in and your Facebook feed shows a friend’s status has gone from “engaged” or “in a relationship” to “single?”

Well, unless you’re one of those people who’s logged in 24-7, think of all the sweet tail you’re missing when you don’t notice a hot friend’s heartbreak until they’re getting macked on by a whole bunch of other people who got there first. Or, maybe these rebound-sex chasers are using the new Facebook app designed to root out freshly available contacts, “Breakup Notifier.”

It’s simple- you install the app, plug in the people on your friends list you’d totally tap if they weren’t happily involved with someone who isn’t you, and sit back and bide your time. If one of your choices bails on their current love or gets the elbow, “Breakup Notifier” lets you know stat so you can start in with the uber-creepy and poorly timed, “so, do you wanna get coffee?” messages at the earliest opportunity.

Facebook always tries to downplay how much unsettling info can be gleaned from its scary collection of knowledge on users, but the fact remains that relationship status is a publicly available bit of gossip pretty much anyone connected to you can glean from your profile. Do you think this app is creepy and sad or necessary and understandable?