Drunk Dial Congress Over 2013 Government Shutdown? DrunkDialCongress.org Is Real

Care to drunk dial congress? The internet is abuzz over the website DrunkDialCongress.org directing users to, in fact, drunk dial congress.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the government shutdown in 2013 has caused some real horror stories involving National Park closures. It has also been reported that most Americans blame Republicans for the government shutdown in 2013.

Anger over the government shutdown has spurned alot of creativity on the internet, but this one takes the cake.

Users are encouraged to get good and tipsy and drunk dial congress as such: you enter your phone number into the site and it automates a return message to your phone, which then forwards you to a random Congress representative.

Drunkdialcongress.org also considerately lists talking points for you to use while you drunk dial congress. Talking points include yelling at a member of Congress over National Park shutdowns (and one hilarious suggestion about how the kids won’t stop yelling at parents about not going camping), the comparisons to the heroes of 9/11 by Congress, and the fact that the government shutdown of 2013 is costing taxpayers $12 million an hour.

Other drunk topics include not funding veterans, general lacks of funding across the nation, and so on so forth. It even lists drink recipes.

So what do you think, are up to drunk dial congress over the 2013 government shutdown?