Bryan Cranston’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Undies Sold For Almost $10,000 At Auction

Breaking Bad

Someone who likes Breaking Bad way too much is now the proud owner of the tighty-whities famously worn by Bryan Cranston in the pilot episode.

Along with other pieces of paraphernalia from the hit AMC show, the undies were sold in a Screenbid auction this week. The group teamed with Sony Pictures to set up the auction, allowing fans to snag memorabilia from one of AMC’s most famous shows.

The starting bid on Walter White’s undies was just $250, but as the days went on, the price went all the way up to $9,900, which ended up being the winning bid.

The Breaking Bad undies are currently on display at the Museum of Moving Image as part of an exhibit on the meth-addled drama, and will be shipped off to the lucky winner after October 27.

Other Breaking Bad stuff on the auction block included a Los Pollos Hermanos air freshener, Marie’s Volkswagon and Jessie’s Roomba.

Despite commanding nearly $10,000, Walter White’s underwear wasn’t the highest-selling item in the auction. The character’s copy of Leaves of Grass actually sold for the most, topping off at $65,000 before the auction closed.

Other high-ticket items included the bell that killed Gus Fring, (sold for $26,750), White’s Cadillac (sold for $19,750) and a pink teddy bear (sold for over $20,000).

The auction grossed nearly $1 million when it closed October 9. The money will go to benefit Goodwill of New Mexico programs.

You can check out a complete listing of the items from the Breaking Bad auction here.