Ava Sambora: Meet The Daughter Of Heather Locklear And Richie Sambora

Ava Sambora: meet the daughter of Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear

Ava Sambora is the daughter of famous television starlet Heather Locklear (Dynasty, Scary Movie) and her equally famous ex-husband, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora.

The young woman just turned 16 and to her delight, both her parents were present for the Sweet 16 bash they threw in her honor at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

Ava, just like any other girl her age, was super excited to have both mom and dad present for her party.

The former power couple married in 1994 and had their only child, Ava, three years later, however, the marriage didn’t last and they divorced ten years later.

Richie has struggled with substance abuse and as recently as 2011 checked himself into rehab to try to deal with the problem, but apparently him and ex Heather Locklear have a great relationship post-divorce.

Their daughter seems to be a normal teenager who belongs to her High School’s cheerleading squad.

“I like being thrown in the air!” Ava Sambora told Teen Vogue in an interview earlier this year. “It’s an adrenaline rush.”

The fact that she plans to follow in her famous mother’s footsteps and become an actress comes as no surprise:

“Ever since I was five or six, I’ve wanted to be an actress,” Sambora explains. “I loved attention and would always try to be onstage and in front of people. It was easy to figure out what I wanted to be.”

She recalls always wanting to be on set with Heather Locklear and visiting her while she was filming The Perfect Man.

“I was super-starstruck because I thought her costar Hillary Duff was the most awesome person in the world.”

Ava Sambora made her big screen debut in the 2012 Paul Rudd, Leslie Man comedy This Is 40 and also appeared in the Disney show Good Luck Charlie as an older Charlie in 2013.