Dario Franchitti Out Of The Hospital Following Houston Crash

Dario Franchitti Released From The Hospital following Houston crash.

Indy car driver Dario Franchitti has been released from the hospital after a stay of a few days following his spectacular crash during the Houston Grand Prix.

Franchitti himself posted the news on his Twitter, thanking those at the Houston hospital were he was taken to on Sunday and the first responders at the track.

The Target team driver crashed on the last lap of the race when he collided with another driver, which resulted in his car flying through the air and debris hitting fans watching the race in the stands.

A total of 14 people were injured by the flying debris, 13 spectators and one official. Pieces of the car as well as a portion of the catchfence went into the stands.

The driver suffered two broken vertebrae, a broken ankle, and a concussion and was airlifted to the hospital.

Even though his Twitter is upbeat and grateful, Scott Dixon, Dario Franchitti’s teammate says he’s “pretty beat up” after the two exchanged texts and phone calls.

However, Franchitti sounds optimistic and shared a photo his brother, Marino took of him walking with the assistance of a walker in the hospital.

Dario Franchitti thanked those who have supported him during this difficult time.

The injured driver says he will be watching and cheering his Target teammates on this coming weekend.

Dario Franchitti, has a long way towards recovery, but he appears to have a strong support system. We wish him the best.