Sofia Vergara Engagement Ring Goes Missing On Chelsea Lately, 'Everybody Is Fired'

Sofia Vergara's engagement ring went missing on the Chelsea Lately show and she jokingly (we hope) threatened to fire everyone.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sofia Vergara brags she can twerk better than Miley Cyrus because of her heritage.

This latest mini-crisis is apparently not that big of a deal precisely because of that heritage. Sofia Vergara has been engaged to Nick Loeb for over a year and she explains how people from South America view marriage:

"Americans take engagements like, 'OK, we're engaged. It means let's plan weddings.' But for a couple of Latin Americans, we get engaged, but it's like another stage in your love life. It doesn't mean, 'OK, let's immediately call the flower place.'"
But then Sofia Vergara's engagement ring went missing on the set of the Chelsea Lately show:
"Everybody's fired! My assistant, my publicist! They let me out here with no jewelry! I have never done this!"
Apparently, Sofia Vergara merely forgot to wear her engagement ring while out in public. In the past, she's made it clear it quite clear she loves the engagement ring for its size:
"It is perfection. But if it was smaller, I would not like it."
I'm sure Nick Loeb is happy Sofia Vergara is referring to an engagement ring and not him for that statement.