'Gravity' Passes $100 Million Mark At Worldwide Box Office

Gravity has passed the $100 million mark at the worldwide box office and that was fast, but not a surprise after the Alfonso Cuaron's film had a record-breaking opening in North America to the tune of $55.8 million this past weekend.

Academy Award winners Sandra Bullock (The Heat, Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close, The Blind Side) and George Clooney (The Descendants, The American, The Ides Of March) star in the space saga which has captured the attention of the public and critics alike and is being considered a strong contender during awards season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie crossed the mark on Tuesday after the spectacular opening on October 4, which is the top October opening of all time and also the top three day showing for Bullock and Clooney.

The film has received critical praise not only for the excellent performances by Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, but because of Alfonso Cuaron's exceptional job in directing the film.

Gravity is the story of Dr. Ryan Stone, a medical engineer on her first shuttle trip and astronaut Mark Kowalski who is on his last mission and ready to retire. When disaster strikes they find themselves hanging on for dear life in the middle of nothingness.

Sandra Bullock's performance has been singled out as possibly the best of her career, which is the culmination of all her hard work through decades of taking on very varied roles.

The actress is considered the most successful female in Hollywood right now, bigger than stars such as Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie. She received an Oscar for her performance in the 2009 hit movie The Blind Side.

For his part, George Clooney hasn't done too bad for himself either, he is not only a successful award winning actor, but a screenwriter, producer, and director. He is also well known for his humanitarian work in several causes.

Gravity opens in the UK on Thursday, October 10 at the BFI London Film Festival.