What to do with Miguel Cabrera?

What do you do with a guy who your team owes 106 million dollars over the next five years, and apparently is hell bent on throwing away all of his god given talent on the baseball field by continually drinking too much and getting himself in trouble? That is the predicament the Detroit Tigers find themselves in with their star first baseman Miguel Cabrera. Cabrera has now had two alcohol fueled incidents during is time in Detroit, and both have caused serious concerns over how this guy can put all of this behind him, and help the Tigers win a World Title.

While the first incident happened during a must win game against the Chicago White Sox, and may have involved a marital dispute. This second incident is a little more troubling as a drunken Cabrera drank openly in front of a police officer and pulled a don’t you know who I am routine. Then a drunken Cabrera got into a scuffle with some police and truth be told if he were not Miguel Cabrera he would likely be in jail for quite some time.

With that being said the Tigers are not in a very uncomfortable position. Cabrera’s contract is guaranteed, and recent attempts by MLB teams to switch a contract to a non guaranteed one have proven fruitless. So the Tigers are essentially stuck with him. However they may feel the need to try and get him into some kind of treatment program or hire a security/driver/mentor person to help watch over Cabrera and stop incidents like this from happening in the future.

In my mind the team should help Cabrera into a treatment program and in the short term he should not report to the team, and definitely not be in the lineup for the opening of the 2011 MLB season. This guy has got issues and for the long term success of the team and Cabrera the person something needs to be done.

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