‘Strider’ Lands PlayStation 3 Hands-On Trailer [Video]

Strider‘s PlayStation 3 trailer from New York Comic Con has hit, and it looks like it could be a contender.

New York Comic Con is almost here, running October 11 through 14, and with it promises to come a slew of news from all aspects of geek culture, from movies to video games, and possibly even comic books. The first of said news has arrived a tad early (24 hours early if you want to get technical).

Strider is getting the HD pseudo-3D treatment that games these days demand, and from the trailer and screens, PS3 and PS4 fans are in for a visual tour de force.

Back in the 80s, Strider was known for its over-the-top visuals and action, making it one of the defining games in side-scrolling platformer history. The main character, Strider Hiryu, is a ninja of the highest ranking, whose first mission proved how messed up his family is, and he’s gotten so skilled at the art that he can literally defy gravity as he goes after high-tech oppressors of all kinds.

The Strider PlayStation 3 trailer proves that such classic gameplay can be updated to today’s standards and actually be done right. The visuals pop and Strider Hiryu looks sharp as ever slashing his way through the hordes of his original nemesis.

'Strider' hits PS3 and PS4 in early 2014

Grand Master Meio has taken over the planet and now has it under his iron fisted rule, and only one Special A Class ninja from the Strider program can stop him and save the world.

The gravity-defying acrobatics and a special sword that can cut through anything aid Strider in his remade quest filled with flying mechanical dragons, all new 3D rendered landscapes, leaps of faith that made the original title such a thrill ride, and power-ups that make the journey just a little easier. If it’s a true remake of the original, the game won’t be a cakewalk by any means. Think Ninja Gaiden and you might have the idea.

Based on the trailer for Strider on PlayStation 3, are you excited to play the HD remake when it hits the PS3 and PS4 in early 2014?