2010 Chicago Bears season in review

The Chicago Bears finished the 2010 NFL regular season with an 11-5 record, won the NFC North, and really defied all of our expectations up until the NFC championship game when they did exactly what most of us thought they would do. This is a team that no one believed in, mostly because no one can trust their starting QB. When Jay Cutler is on he is very good, but when the road gets a little rocky he always folds it in.

The offense wasn’t great as they scored 334 points or 20.9 per game on average. That was just 21st best among the 32 NFL teams. Jay Cutler did complete 60.4% of his passes for 3,274 yards, with 23 TD’s and 16 INT’s. Those numbers are pretty respectable but that interception total is way high. The ground game behind him averaged 101 yards per game, and the O line gave up 56 sacks.

The defense on the other hand was very good. They gave up just 286 points or 17.9 points per game on average. Their take away differential was +4, and that is a pretty good number as the offense gave up the ball often. They had 22 forced fumbles and they picked off 21 passes. They were also able to rack up 34 sacks.

I think these numbers show that Cutler wasn’t great but he is hardly the only problem here. This team needs to rework their Offensive Line, and find some young prospects to start developing for the defense.

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