Tikker Watch A ‘Death Wristwatch’ That Counts Your Life And Demotivates Twitter Users

Tikker Watch A 'Death Wristwatch' That Counts Your Life And Demotivates Twitter Users

The Tikker watch is a Kickstarter project that’s attempting to create a “death wristwatch.” But what are people’s reactions to such an idea?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Tikker watch counts down your last moments of life.

But the Tikker watch determines all this by asking questions of the user, determining a person’s current life expectancy by asking a series of health questions in combination with their current age. The Tikker watch costs $39 and comes preset with a countdown based upon your previously given answers.

Tikker watch creator Fredrik Colting explains the motivation for creating the device:

“I think we can have a better life, and make better choices, if we are more aware of our upcoming expiration. It gives us perspective — the little stuff suddenly doesn’t seem so important anymore. That’s why I see Tikker as a happiness watch.”

But so far Twitter users don’t seem to be viewing the Tikker watch in the same light. This isn’t an exhaustive search but everyone who had an opinion seemed to be very negative about the Tikker watch:

There’s also no word on whether the Tikker watch can be reset if you choose to change your lifestyle and health habits. It’s also very likely the batteries would run out before Tikker ticks down to your last count.

Do you think the Tikker watch would motivate or demotivate you to improve your health?