Betty White Headed To DC, Gets Wax Makeover

betty white wax

Betty White is on the move, headed to D.C. amidst a government shutdown. Or, at least, her likeness is.

At 91, Betty White remains the sole surviving Golden Girls girl and one helluva feisty broad — and the star is also enshrined in wax alongside other luminaries at Madame Tussaud’s infamous statue emporium.

The figure of wax Betty White is popular, just like the actual star — and set to go on tour. Betty’s statue is just 16 months old, but it’s already touring the nation, debuting at the Washington, D.C. Madame Tussaud’s after first appearing in the Hollywood location back in 2012.

As a Hollywood hottie, wax Betty White wears a hot pink jogging suit — like much of the crowd in Beverly Hills. But as the likeness of the beloved actress heads to the Beltway, her attire will change as well — and Betty will don a formal blue gown with intricate beading details.

White’s wax figure will be introduced by Washington Humane Society CEO Lisa LaFontaine due to Betty’s love and advocacy for animals. And if you’re a fan of celebrities in wax, you can catch her in D.C. until December, when we imagine White’s figure will head home to Tinseltown.

Of the accuracy and detail in her wax statue, White jokes that the figure is a bit too real — she says:

“The only thing that irks me is they waited until I was 90. A few decades ago would have been swell.”

Betty gamely added:

“I want to thank Madame Tussauds Hollywood for taking their sweet time in making my wax figure. Would it have killed them to do this 50 years ago before gravity took over?”

White remains a favored entertainment figure, but her jokes are also reflective of a minor fact about the wax museum and her own likeness — the star is indeed the oldest living figure to be honored with one of the impressive creations.

Check out Betty White above alongside her waxy doppleganger — can you tell which one is which?