Michael Jordan, LeBron James Argument Leads To Stabbings

An argument over whether the best basketball player of all time is either Michael Jordan or LeBron James became so heated that three people were stabbed.

The incident occurred in the Beaver County area of Pittsburgh, and ultimately resulted in two arrests. 23-year-old Armando Encinas has been incarcerated alongside his 37-year-old uncle, Michael Landeros in connection with the attacks last weekend.

Chief Jim Essek confirmed that the ordeal started on Saturday evening, stating, “These two were in the bar, and during the three or four hours, had several conversations with a lot of people, specifically sports-related.”

However, when one of the duo spotted a customer wearing a Miami Heat shirt with LeBron James’ name on it, he soon started to chastise the man and remarked that only Michael Jordan should be allowed to wear the number 23 because, in his opinion, he was the “greatest ballplayer” ever.

Early on Sunday morning, another argument over sports turned physical and then became so brutal that Mr Encinas stabbed Tim Edwards, Alex Barlamas, who owned the bar, and Robert Gavula, who had attempted to stop the altercation. Mr Landeros has only been accused of assaulting one of the men.

15 patrons in the bar soon leapt into action and were able to restrain one of the men with a chair, which they used to pin him up against the wall with.

Mr Edwards and Mr Barlamas have since been discharged from hospital, however Gavula is still being treated and is in a serious condition after he was stabbed five or six times during the assault.

Mr Landeros has been accused of disorderly conduct and assault, while Mr Encinas has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault and two counts of attempted homicide.

Police are now set to review surveillance footage as they look to figure out exactly how and why the events escalated so drastically.