Is Banksy beginning his press tour in advance of the Oscars?

People’s feelings about graffiti ranges from loving the work as a new form of urban artwork while others consider it a blight on neighborhoods devaluing home values. Of course some of these opinions have value as graffiti can range from the simple tagging of gangs marking their territory to incredible social commentaries.

Of the second one of the best has to be the ever illusive and unknown Banksy, who appears to originate from Britain but not totally sure. His works have been found just about everywhere around the world and have become subject of discussion and objects of art.

Then last year Banksy became involved in the making of a documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, about graffiti artists and amazingly enough it is now in the running for an Oscar for Best Documentary. However this has said to have caused some concern among the Oscar organizers as to whether they would be willing to let him accept the award while in disguise.

While we are still some weeks away from the Oscar ceremony some people are wondering if Banksy hasn’t already hit town as graffiti of his style has started showing up around Los Angeles.

And the biggest question of all: Is Banksy in town less than two weeks before the Oscar show? The evidence to suggest that he might be comes from, of all places, actress Lauren Conrad’s Twitter account, where she posted this photo with the caption, “Is Banksy in LA?”

Jetset Graffiti picked it up and wrote, “Yes, it’s true. Banksy is beginning his press tour for the upcoming Oscar’s [sic] in Los Angeles.”

The LAist website linked to Jetset Graffiti, and said the artwork was “likely” the work of Banksy.

The stenciled art is in an alley in the Westwood section of Los Angeles, near the UCLA campus. A couple of other possible pieces have surfaced as well – though it’s impossible to tell if they’re genuine.

via The Wrap

There are some who are suggesting that these images aren’t by Banksy but rather part of a publicity stunt by the Oscar organizers to build up some street buzz around the normally staid movie event.