2010 Seattle Seahawks season in review

The Seattle Seahawks 2010 version are probably the best argument against expanding the NFL regular season to 18 games. They finished 2010 with a 7-9 record and despite winning a home playoff game still finished the league year with a losing record. I wonder if they had played 18 games if the Seahawks would have finished with a 7-11 record. How can you sell that as an improvement? I care not that this team won the NFC West, I care that they were the worse team to make the NFL playoffs ever.

This is a team that still needs a lot of new pieces. The offense wasn’t terrible but it was close. They scored 310 points or 19.4 points per game on average. Three men saw significant playing at QB, and none of the were particularly effective. Interceptions plagued this team, and their three QB’s were sacked 35 times. The running game behind them averaged just 89 yards per game. Simply but that is not good enough.

I watched a few Seahawks games this year and away from home they had a hard time playing defense at all. They gave up 407 points or 25.4 points per game on average. In every key team defensive stat they ranked in the bottom third of NFL teams. Their take away differential was -9 as they forced 16 fumbles and picked off just 12 passes. They did rack up 37 sacks.

I think a lot of people are rooting against Pete Carroll, but given the situation he walked into he seems to have done an ok job. He needs to build this team up in his vision and maybe sooner rather than later the Seahawks will be a good team once again. The jury is still out on this one.

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