House cleaning begins for Cleveland Browns

New Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur begin his reign with the team by getting rid of some of their dead weight, and more importantly Eric Mangini guys who have done little to get the Browns turned around. At first glance the list is a little surprising but when the dust settles on this one all of these look like pretty good moves. Not to mention the fact that Shurmur wants to build the team using his and President Mike Holmgren’s vision.

The first name on the list is three time pro bowler NT Shaun Rogers. Even though Shaun played for new Browns Defensive Coordinator Dick Jauron in Detroit, Shaun has never lived up to his hype. On top of that he did virtually nothing in 2010. On top of that Shaun sometimes has a bad attitude and a poor work ethic. He never bought into the Mangini way of doing things and for the Browns this is kind of like addition by subtraction.

Eric Barton, David Bowens, Kenyon Coleman, and John St. Clair are all former Mangini Jets players who have now been let go. Not a one of them is under 30, and have done little to help the Browns rebuild. Coleman came to the Browns in their draft day trade that gave the #5 overall pick to the New York Jets which they used to get QB Mark Sanchez.

In a way the Browns organization is shedding itself of some unwise trades, contract extensions, and the like made by the former regime running the team. All in all this is kind of what we expected from a new head coach, and it is hard to question the logic in their attempts to start fresh.

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