Super Bowl seating fiasco heading to court

I have never heard of a Super Bowl so widely panned by so many people, and I have lived though two Super Bowls in Detroit, Michigan one of which was one of the worst weather days ever and another that was preceded by a murder. I have not heard one positive review of the way Dallas and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones handled hosting the biggest game in the NFL. Of course 400 fans were sold tickets to seat that were not seats, and as many as 850 others paid top dollar to have a folding chair or an obstructed view seat. Of course all of this has lead to at least one lawsuit more likely to follow.

It is illegal to sell tickets to seats that do not exist or for seats were no reasonable alternative can be offered. The NFL has tried to offer displaced Super Bowl attendees with money and more, but they may have committed a fraud and that is very, very bad. I view the Dallas Super Bowl as a blatant cash grab meant to fleece fans in preparation of a work stoppage.

This gets worse day by day. 400 or so fans were relocated to seats they did not like (or were not adequate replacements), and it apparently took all of the first quarter to get that done. Other fans who paid a Personal Seat License upwards of six figures for a Super Bowl seat ended up sitting at the top of that ridiculous stadium knows as Jerry’s World, and everyone is pissed about it.

It seems pretty clear that some fans were deceived, but I am not a lawyer so that may come into question. However I would be willing to bet Dallas does not see another Super Bowl for quite some time.

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