2010 Philadelphia Eagles season in review

The Philadelphia Eagles finished the 2010 NFL regular season with a 10-6 record; they won their division and ended up losing to the eventual Super Bowl Champions in the first round of the playoffs. I think this team is at a cross roads, and that their window to win a Super Bowl title has expired. While that is more opinion than anything else, what is not is the state of this defense. I am beginning to wonder if Andy Reid is the guy who can make this defense great. I see a lot of turmoil in this organization and big changes seem to be looming.

The offense was very good. They scored 439 points or 27.4 points per game on average. That was third best in the NFL this year. Michael Vick saw the most time at QB and he completed 62.6% of his passes for 3,018 yards, with 21 TD’s and just 6 INT’s. Pretty great numbers and he added 676 rushing yards. He and the rest of the Eagles RB’s averaged 145.3 yards per game. Obliviously the offense is not the problem.

Of course now we have to look at the defense. They gave up 377 points or 23.6 points per game on average. While they ranked in the lower half in most key team defensive stats they did have a take away differential of +9. They also finished third in INT’s with 23 and they forced 11 fumbles. Of course they did give up 235 passing and 110 rushing yards per game.

What I see here is an organization looking to strip power from its longtime head coach. I think Reid has had his chances and sooner rather than later the club will look to move in a new direction. As of now he is the longest serving head coach with his team, and I am willing to bet he will not be much past the 2011 NFL season. Whenever that comes.

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