[Rumor Mill] Apple looking to setup shop in Grand Central

There are monuments and then there are living monuments and of them all Grand Central Terminal in New York is probably one of the most recognized living monuments in the U.S.

Well there is a rumor going around that Apple has begun a super-secret <snicker> project that will see them setting up a store in Grand Central Terminal. The news of the project comes via The New York Observer and to them the lack of response from Apple when asked about the so-called project is enough to validate the rumor.

Apple wields a famously iron fist over all its major announcements and has been rumored to back out of deals if anyone speaks to the press. To wit, when contacted by TheObserver, most of the parties potentially involved wouldn’t even blink twice for yes, although they tellingly would not deny it either.

Friendly receptionists became suddenly cagey when we dropped the A-bomb. “We’re not authorized to speak about that,” said the woman who answered the phone for Grand Central‘s leasing agent,Williams Jackson Ewing. Likewise, a lovely Southerner at Dallas-based Open Realty, which represents Apple, sighed almost imperceptibly and noted that Apple’s broker, Jonathan A. Siegel, is away on business.